Our three training principals apply to all levels of training.

  • Move the feet – Establishes you as the leader
  • Language of cues – Creates clarity of communication
  • World of opposites – Allows your horse to make the mistakes necessary to learn

We start horses with their future in mind

“Owners are invited to attend each working session at our world class facilities, on the Mornington Peninsula”

No matter the discipline we believe all horses deserve a solid foundation to their education. Our methods place a strong emphasis on teaching the horse to find the correct solution and rewarding every try.

The step by step 6-8 week training program ensures that each lesson builds upon the next, time spent with us is dependent on your horses individual requirements.Starting

Total cost 2,500- 3,000
Inclusive of:

  • Agistment
  • Unlimited access to grass hay
  • Hard feed as required
  • Paddock, boxed/yarded as required

Our facilities for starting young horses allow for maximum exposure to a busy stable environment, and include indoor arena, round yard, 5km maintained trail, stables, yards and ties ups, wash bay.

Pre-Training and Advancement services

Many disciplines require maximum peak, fitness for ultimate performance.  A structured preparation, that works the mind as well as the body is necessary for optimum performance.

Offered services include:

  • 5km varied terrain training track
  • Horse walker
  • Indoor surface
  • Resistance training (Beach, Hill,)
  • Low- intensity distance training

With many more options available, call or email us to discuss your horses individual needs today.

Cost is dependant on training schedule
Range $350-$400per week

Behavioural training

Undesired horse behaviour can be overwhelming and concerning for many owners, especially without a system in place to find success.
Our system provides you and your horse with the confidence you need to go forward, backwards, left, right and laterally; confidence is knowing you will succeed.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 10.35.43 amRegardless of a horses history our progressional methods are the same, time is the only variable.

“I want people to know that up-skilling themselves as well as their horse, is an option” 
We invite all owners to attend each working session with their horse. By giving your horse a few weeks head start in training with us and being present in your horses education, you will find you and your horse well on the way to a happy, safe, successful relationship.

Training assessments:
$160 2hour you come to us
Off site assessment cost may vary, depending on travel time

Problem Loaders

Wether you have a problem loader or you are just interested in your horse learning the “easy way” from the beginning we can help.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 2.39.27 pmBefore you in list any professional help ask your self these 3 questions:

  • What will you cue your horse to do?
  • When will you apply pressure?
  • When will your horse get release?

These are the answers you are looking for:

  • Go forward cue
  • Apply pressure when the horse is not touching the float/trailer
  • Release pressure when the horse responds 1% better to the cue

This is our trailer loading principle
Ideally you will not be teaching this cue anywhere near a trailer/float.
For horses that have had a traumatic past experience involving transport, we offer live in trailer training where ground cues are established, and used to overcome a variety of obstacles, eventually overcoming their loading anxieties.

For more information on this training product or for advice on a more specific loading issue contact Lara today.