” people need to know that up-skilling them selves is a horse training option”


Highly sort after private training lessons, aim to progress riders training skillsLessons

One hour lessons involve the application of our training principals to various levels of ridden and ground exercises. Riders are able to practice the training process and gain confidence by building a plan for success.

Riders gain an awareness of:

  • How to read their horse
  • How to recognise a horses 1% improvement
  • How to reward every try with release

Understanding how a horse learns and communicates, empowers riders to apply their training skills to future endeavors.

Training lessons are available to all levels of horse and rider


Group lessons build from thClinicse ground up, cues taught as ground exercises are directly translated to the saddle.

Groups of 2-6 riders. The aim is to improve each horse and rider combination by at least 1%.

All lessons are conducted by Lara Poynton, qualified  HSA. Senior Instructor.