brumby-challenge-october-14th-1424-full-resIn the mix of working on balance, impulsion, and bend Sansa and I have taken advantage of every moment of fine weather, to get out of the arena and into the sunshine. Thursday we rode out to the Tubbarubba orchard, no apples yet but a sunny spot and some spring grass was perfect.

Being out of the arena has been good for the brumby soul, however it is important to be consistent no matter the scenery. There have been a few times this week when Sansa decided we were off on our adventures before I had given a cue. I let her make the mistake of engaging a few steps forward, before doing the opposite, and asking her to disengage, until she returned to stand still.

Sansa is getting so much better at waiting for the cue to begin our adventures. She is only half as good at waiting for her Low GI cubes…. Consistency will be the key here too. This week Nigel and I have been overwhelmed by the support of our new book “The System”, we are so grateful to everyone who has downloaded their instant copy. It is only by sharing what we learn that everything in the world of horses becomes possible.

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