equitana-brumby-challenge-29th-september-1140-full-resRamping up to EQUITANA. Many of our breakers have gone home with a copy of our new book “The System”. Our endurance horses are on an early morning beach program and are fit and ready.  Which has allowed my daily Sansa sessions to quadruple.

“End of session” is one of the most valuable tools when educating or refining cues, as it is the ultimate form of release.

Week 17 we set ourselves a monster goal of riding obstacles bridleless. Translating  last week’s invisible leading cues into ridden cues has been so much fun. Refining each direction and movement  requires multiple, simple, short sessions. It is when we choose to “End the session” that makes all the difference. I have found that by getting off every time Sansa shows the slightest improvement, that she learns the fastest.

On M
onday I rewarded a single correct step with an end of session. On Tuesday I would end the session every time Sansa responded well to a soft cue. Some of my sessions lasted all of 30 seconds.

By Friday we took on the rocking ramp, Sansa was so fantastic first time over. She sussed out the ramp, placed each foot forward step by step until she was safely on the other side. I love how clever our brumbies are. Monster goals are best achieved one step at time.

“The System”  that Nigel and I use to train all of our horses is based around three simple principles, that help us break down monster goals into the what, how and why. The system builds trust between horse and rider by establishing the rider as a good leader.  Good leadership is everything.

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