I was told brumbies were loyal, but WOweek-13W. Everywhere I go, Sansa is watching, every time I move Sansa is switched on to see if she needs to respond, and when we go riding Sansa is always waiting and responding to the lightest aid. This week I thought to myself ohhhh….this is what they were talking about when they said “connection”.
We have continued beach work with some of Tubbarubbas Arabian endurance horses this week and I have found Sansa to be such a sensible lead horse. She doesn’t seem to feed off other horses excitement at all, it’s very nice to be Sansa’s leader.
All of the preparation with podiums, tarps, cones, bridges means that the obstacles we come across out on trail are a non event. Regardless of what the trail throws at her, Sansa is getting more and more confident following my cues.

I am so excited for Sansa’s summer coat, first she lost all of her winter coat around her muzzle and eyes, now her belly and shoulders are coming up in a new silky shine. The great thing about LOW GI cubes is that it has virtually everything Sansa and our endurance arabians need to shine.


Next week will be all about preparing for Sansa and Daisy’s next open Brumby Session. Nigel and Daisy just keeps upping the game, flags, poles, and liberty work…. If it is within the rules I might ask Nigel for a few more tips on his tricks

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