We have traveled far and wide this week, to magical dressage lands far away. Sansa spent the

weekend in Elmore supporting Tubbarubba Neptune as he took out the dressage jackpot, and

came home with champion. It was a fantastic opportunity to to expose Sansa to a new busy

competition environment in preparation for EQUITANA in November, as well as share Sansas wild story.

Feedback from everyone on Sansa education so far, was that she is incredibly level headed,placid and yet still responsive. I found myself explaining that from day one of Sansas training,she has been taught that there will always be a solution, that all she needs to do is find it.

Early on, the problems I set for her were kept super simple. For example, touch the stick, move into an open rein, come to the block. All of these cues involve Sansa moving into the space that I create.

Now that I am in the saddle, I use the same thought process to ride simple test combinations.Create space between the reins for where I need Sansa shoulders, create space under my seat (lift in my seat) to lift my Brumby into canter.

By using the same underlying concept throughout Sansa training, she is beginning to trust that there will always be a solution, that with the solution comes release; Search for it!

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