Lara and Sansa Week 9hoof oil

After such a successful week last week traveling to a three day clinic, staying in different

stables, learning and refining the lay down. Week 9 has been a lazy week in.

Sansa has had a week off, only coming in for brushes pats and the odd hard feed here and there.

I thought after a few days out with horse company there was a real chance Sansa would revert to her wild side. The opposite was true. As I approached the gate with her infamous lime halter, she was switched on to me instantly, as if to say “where the hell have you been”.

The touch cue that Sansa learnt in week one came in handy. I walked straight up to her, as she reached out to touch my hand. It is amazing how far our brumbies have come in such a short time. Their trust in us and ability to adapt to our humanised environment is remarkable. Sansa is fitting into stable life as though she was born in one.

The much needed rest this week means that Sansa and I will be able to chase big things next week. Might even head out for her first dressage lesson.

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